Interactive audiobooks for kids
What are Ekko Books? Buy Ekko Books

Compete with movies & gaming
What are Ekko Books? Buy Ekko Books

Encourage reading on tablets
What are Ekko Books? Buy Ekko Books

Interactive audiobooks for kids
What are Ekko Books? Buy Ekko Books

Ekko Books are interactive iPad audiobooks for kids, designed to encourage reading in a digital age.





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What are Ekko Books?

How do I download an Ekko Book?

How do I gift an Ekko Book?

Read on iPad or Apple device with iOS 8 or later.

Learn. Follow the words – text highlights as a story’s told.

Look at illustrations, animations, videos & interactive quizzes.

Listen to original tales, narrated or sung.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make digital books for kids?

In a digital age books must compete with video games and films. When you give a child a tablet, they expect to play or watch something. Ekko Books encourage kids to read as well.

What's inside an Ekko Book?

Original stories and beautiful illustrations. At the end is an interactive quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention. In some there are karaoke videos and animations. And of course, each book is narrated or sung.

What software do I need to download and read an Ekko Book?

It depends on which tablet you use:
iPad users (recommended) may need to download iBooks app here…

What is an Ekko Book?

Ekko Books are interactive audiobooks for kids.

How can an Ekko Book help kids learn to read?

iPad: Turn on Sound and the device helps you learn to read. Simply follow the words as sentences highlight in sync with narration or song.

Which tablet is best to read an Ekko Book?

IPads have the best interactivity. You can also download an Ekko Book to any Apple device with iOS8 or later.

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